Now dealing with the ' core ' problems in therapy

that is the plan for my therapy…to discuss things that may trigger my rage psychosis.
the idea is not to get ’ lost '…of course…that is the theory.
should be interesting !?!
my therapist was nervous about it… :woman:
i start on friday.
i am not looking forward to it…but i am the most recovered i have ever been… :smiley:
and i am tired of the rage :wolf:…and getting lost in my mind :imp:
take care people of earth :earth_asia:
take care :alien:


That’s one of the reasons why I don’t go into therapy when I’m in school. I just can’t handle unpacking everything. I will be trying it this semester though.

I hope this goes well for you. :space_invader:


Don’t sweat it, @darksith

We all have our moments.

This is me outside my door when the mailman has nothing for me on that day.


**I know the last one was tough-but you made it!
I know you will make it through this too :kissing_smiling_eyes: :sunrise_over_mountains:
We will be here for you… **


Good for you.

Just remember, anger always passes so the stuff that makes us angry aren’t that big they can’t be tackled.

Good luck!

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thanks people of earth :earth_africa:
take care :alien: