November was a long month for me

it started off fine, i had a bday in early november, and went for a drive and hike. then on the 5th i had a shot of meds. the 6th my uncle called who was i around a couple days prior and said he had covid. then i had to quarantine for 2 weeks despite not having symptoms. then thanksgiving over at my sister’s. with a bunch of people i only see once a year, that was a long 3 hours. now the month is finally over, and im waiting on payday, as i’ve spent all my money from last month.

but the good news is basketball is back, so i have something to distract, and can now watch something other than news. im getting tired of watching news. here’s to hoping this winter flies by and i will be greeted with a warm spring.


the months have been flying by for me since I got out of the hospital.

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yeah my days just kind of drag since i do the same things everyday, im in a bit of a rut. it’s kind of nice when the weather is nice, but once it gets cold i just wish i could hibernate all winter haha.

Oh my gosh same this November sucked. Our hospital was understaffed and our patient population was low so my unit got shut down. I ended up getting put on the more acute units and was absolutely miserable always. On my unit there were stressful days (incredibly busy), bad days (pts acting out), and good days, and sometimes I could even have almost a whole week of good days. On these acute units, the only days you have are bad days and stressful days, there are no good days. In fact the good days are the days that are just stressful.

I finally have my unit back now. It is my early Christmas present!


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