Nova's studio apartment of chit-chat


I just wanna curl up into a ball shape and rock back and forth


I wish I could curl up as well, but sadly life goes on and have way to much to do


Hey cheer up Nova! You’re a pretty cool person.


I love the Norwegian word for lollipop, “kjærlighet på pinne”. It means “love on a stick”!
Better than the Danish “Slikkepind”, which means “lick-stick”


My uncontrollable need to eat is really getting to me. I was doing so well with my weight-loss, and I had finally gotten used to eating as little as possible.


How are you doing today @Nova?

I hope you’re well.



Hi Monte!

I’m doing alright, I’m upset because my phone died and I can’t afford to have it repaired, but otherwise, I’m ok.
How are you? :slight_smile:



Sorry to hear about your phone.

I’m okay. Trying not to stress out about an upcoming, apartment inspection and school.

I’ll be okay though. :slight_smile:

I hope you can get your phone fixed.


How are y’all doing?
I’m a bit restless today. My sister’s iPhone has arrived, so I’m heading to town later to buy a charger for it. So far, using the iPhone was not as hard as I’d thought. It took some getting used to, but I’m managing fine. The battery life on that thing is incredible, my Samsung would have died twice by now!


Glad the new phone is working out for you. We come to rely on them so much nowadays.


Indeed. I was having phantom pains in my phone-arm :joy:


Haha! Yeah that’s rough! :laughing:


I’m currently eating salmon on rye bread.
I do love me some smoked salmon! Yummy! :smile:
What’s everyone up to today?


I love salmon but i can’t do rye bread. I don’t know why, i just never liked it. It’s early here and i’m just having a diet Pepsi and checking out the forum. How are you today?


Hey, I’m having a diet pepsi too! :smiley:
I’m a bit frustrated today, because I had a lot of very unsettling dreams that I couldn’t wake up from, but I knew were dreams. I don’t feel rested even though I slept for 12 hours.

I took a shower, that seemed to energize me a bit, though.

How are you?


Sorry about your dreams. I sometimes have extremely vivid dreams that keep me from resting and even seem to stay with me after i’ve woken up. I’ve even woken up crying before. Good job on the shower! I need to take one but i don’t know if i will get around to it today. I need to cut my hair and trim my facial hair, too.

I guess i’m doing okay. No real complaints. Been dealing with depression a lot lately. I am sza so that just comes with the territory though. I have been on Lamictal for two weeks and may be starting to feel a little better. That remains to be seen.

You got any plans for today?


Sorry to hear about your depression.

I don’t have any plans for today, and I’m loving it. I SHOULD be packing, since I’m leaving tomorrow, but let’s see if I get around to it or not.
I’ll do it later, haha.

Might play some Minecraft, that’s always relaxing.
what are your plans?


I don’t really have any plans. Just taking it easy i guess. I got all my Christmas preparations done. I wrapped the last thing i had to wrap last night. So now i can just chill out and wait for Christmas to pass.

I read your post that you’re travelling to see your family for Christmas. That’s cool. Is it a long flight from Denmark to Norway?


Yes, because my mother lives very far North in Norway. We leave from my sister’s town at 7.30-something AM, and we’re not home until like 11PM.
But that’s mainly due to waiting times and the fact that our plane lands a 2-3 hour drive from my mother’s town.
What are your plans for christmas?


Our tradition is to see my mother’s family on Christmas eve and my dad’s family on Christmas day. I think this year we are seeing my mom’s family on the day before Christmas eve, the 23rd, as that day was better for everybody for some reason. We have a big meal with turkey and all that stuff that goes with it. We don’t really give gifts anymore like when i was a kid. At my dad’s family get together we play Dirty Santa. But i am getting tired of doing that and will probably bow out of it this year.