Notre Dame Cathedral


This is so sad. This is such a beautiful cathedral. What a terrible loss.

Notre Dame is burning

I was about to make a post about this. All that human history just gone. How did the fire even start? Makes me think that someone lit the fire on purpose.


I have vivid memories of visiting Notre Dame many years ago. The cathedral was so beautiful with those spectacular rose windows.

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As an ex architect this has me very upset…I hope it wasn’t terrorism…


What a tragedy!!! I hope it wasn’t deliberate, no one was hurt, and they keep it from spreading.


Most important is that no one is hurt but it’s sad nonetheless.


Very very Sad its been on the news all morning


Sorry @Moonbeam,I made similar post.If you want you can erase it.

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Very sad, irreplaceable world-wide landmark.

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I at first thought this was a cathedral in London near Parliament since its been on news nonstop… Then I realised it was the famous French cathedral. Wonder what happened there


What happened?
What a loss!


They think it was an electrical fire when they were doing renovations/restorations because it was in badly need of a fix up for years now. Still sad. I went there when I was 13.


Have you got insight?


I don’t have TV but it looks terrible.


The spire fell, and they are talking about vacating the island. It’s awful!


I’m watching it from some chanel I found,I’m tired but it’s great shame.Can’t stop watching.

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I saw it on a livestream on Facebook.


I saw it on the news. What a shame! Has anyone learned how the fire started? I either missed that part, or they didn’t say.



Apparently @ninjastar removed my post to this one.Hope you guys don’t mind.

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I keep thinking if there was just a guy there when it started to stamp it out or call for firemen early. To think something this huge and important can be taken down by a common electrical fire.