Notifications on Iphone

Hi @SzAdmin! Can you make it so the specific notifications (who liked what, who replied to what) show up on mobile devices. If not, all good, just wanted to throw it out there.

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Not right now - our forum and web site are just web-based - so unless you have your browser open you won’t get the notifications. This is a basic technology issue - only Apps on IOS/Apple phones and Android Phones/tablets - can get notifications when the web browser is closed.

If we build an app - then at that time we will offer notifications. My hope is that we can do this - as I think its much better that way.


No not notifications off the web page (push notifications). Im talking about when I click on my icon/profile pic, none of my notifications scroll down. On the web page on my phone I can see how many notifications I have but not what the actual notifications are (likes, replies etc.) Sorry wasn’t very specific in first post