Noticing weakness

At the charity shop I am always learning
I recognise my weak thoughts and these weak thoughts mean that I don’t get the job done proper
For example the charity does ‘gift aid’ this means if customer pays tax the charity can get 25p from inland revenue for every £1 they give
Sometimes I ask them to sign up but today I didn’t get all their details because I sensed they would be in a rush therefore I neglected to get gift aid for their goods
But I know I will continue to improve Nd am constantly learning

I think it’s being too hard on yourself rather than noticing weaknesses. No ones perfect. Although many think they are, which is very far from the truth.

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be patient with yourself. If someone is in a rush… it’s hard to keep asking them for info…

You’ll get the hang of it… and better luck next time.

I agree with you. I think I have a weak nervous system (brain). Something that we have to recognize. There is always some kind of slippage. We let too much in and it gets confusing. “The illness is fate ordained.” “We’re not responsible for the illness, only for getting well.”