Noticed Something While Exercising

My thyroid was low while I was doing strength training, and so was my hunger. When I moved to lighter weights and more reps, I started moving more quickly during repetitions. Not long after, my hunger is now ceaseless. My hunger being up tells me that my metabolism is now higher and that my thyroid is now more active.

As you all know, higher metabolism = faster digestion, skinnier body composition. But also more hunger that can start habits of bad eating because the temptation is there.

Just as well the inverse is also true for lower metabolism. You can still lose weight with a lower metabolism, but it just takes longer. And it’s easier to eat less and better foods.

My moods when my hunger is high tend to be on the aggressive side while when my hunger is low tend to be on the depressive side. But I also have SZA and that may be because I have bipolar along with the changes in metabolism.


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