Nothing's that important

That’s a quote from a friend of mine when he noticed me getting stressed out. I think it’s a good way to think.


On a action to reaction basis we produce awesome quotes and advice but when it comes to do that on our own when we are alone, it seldom happens.

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I disagree because I am able to self-soothe a little.

There you go, you said it, " a little "

Reacting and making a quote is nothing but

making a quote after getting the food for thought

— > it’s nothing personal.

A little is a start and certainly better than nothing. Aren’t you being quite pessimistic?

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Dear friend what you just typed changes the meaning of everything, this post has nothing to do with previous posts.

When your friend said that … I said yeah it’s good and we all do that when we have food for thought.

This forum is our food for thought

I hope it feeds feelings as well.

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That is where I see difference of opinion counts. Our expression can mean something but to inviduals it is like a lot of different opinions.

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