Nothing you can do is good enough

I went for years with my son lump on his shunt, and they told, it’s working, don’t come back unless you suspect problems. I called in an hour on the phone trying to make dual appointments for the shunt and eyes, and they couldn’t do it on the same day. I gave up. It was 75 miles away. Then Alec needed emergency repair surgery, and now my mother telling me I was all neglectful, terrible mother. Don’t they all want to call you a terrible mother. F-uck it all.

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They couldn’t do both things on the same day so you didn’t bring him in at all?

it was all check ups. what are you trying to say, that I was nelegant>

don’t post anything on, you never know who will come down on you, and never get a suspension, the way I do.

Judge Judy, my mother.

They told me, he doesn’t need to be seen for 5 years.

Then the whole situation came down, and I’m to blame.

I guess I misunderstood. Sorry @Daze.

Sorry you’re dealing with this, @Daze. I had some friends who had shunts, and they can really get bad with no warning. I know you are doing everything you can for your son. When something terrible happens, some people look for anyone to blame. When I had my brain tumor, some people blamed my mom for not getting the house tested for radon. But you can only do so much, and if you don’t know something is a danger, you can’t make the best decision.

My therapist tells us we need to stop judging the actions we made in the past using the knowledge we have now. You did what you could with what you knew at the time.

She thinks she’s so high and mighty taking care of my son, 26 years old,

I’ve done it all.

There was no job, or preoccupation that would deter me.

Now she blames me for all of it. ohhh, f-uck.

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