Nothing works about to loose everything , need help please


I am diagnose and was hospitalized a few months back. Since coming out of the hospital
I have not improved , i am regressing geting sick again. I am on 5mg of risperdal and it nots working.
what can I do. I am about to loose my wife , job, car and house what are the latest meds

i have tried abilify, latuda, risperdal,perphenazine, fluphenazine, geodon, seroquel

pleae help



i am sorry you are going through all of this,i do hypnotherapy it takes the edge of my symptoms, i found that medication wasn’t for me , but others on here i am sure will help you . stay strong you can do this.
take care



Olanzapine (Zyprexa) was highly effective on my psychosis. I’ve also had Flupentixol for a while.



I am on Seroquel/latuda but I also needed therapy to manage the stress, the anger, the confusion the panic. I am med compliant and will remain so, but sometimes I wonder how bad off I would be if I was only using meds alone. I have gained a lot form Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress Management and other therapies out there. I’m also on Xanax now to knock down the panic. But I’ve also been in therapies for panic management.

As far as your relationship with your wife and family… When I was really crumbling, there was a family therapist who specialized in Mental Illness and she sort of acted as an interpreter between me and the family. So I could tell her what was happening in my head and she could tell the family in terms that they could understand. They said it really helped them untangle their confusion about all this as well.



@ozzyboy I take a fairly new medication and it is helping me for the most part. It is called Fanapt, and it is a pretty good antipsychotic. I would talk to your doctor about it, maybe it will help you.




It’s cruel, relentless, disease. When I got diagnosed at age 19 I suffered horribly for the next two and a half years. Lucky for me (irony) , I was living with my parents and I had nothing. No car, no friends, no school, no money. So hitting bottom was a very short trip. I feel for you, but all you can do is work with your doc to find a med that works. Nothing worked for me for a couple years. There’s more medicines to try.



I did something the other day and it stopped the symptoms for the night ( no psychosis and no paranoia ) ; I watched a lot of funny videos, and I mean most of the time I did that, it got me in a good mood…really you should try that…next to the anti-psychotic that you may have it’s really helping…I have paranoid SZ as well and I feel for you, just don’t give up…life is out there…try cognitive therapy, it’s quite helpful and cheaper on the long term…Good luck man



I don’t know your whole psychiatric history and I don’t know how much you know about schizophrenia. But I’m sorry to say that schizophrenia can often be a life-long disease. And it took me YEARS to show any progress. Everyone’s different, but don’t bet everything on expecting a quick recovery. It’s possible. But it’s also possible that it might take a long time to get stable and functioning again. There’s a reason that this disease is among the top ten most disabling diseases in the world.