Nothing to do with me. He just didn't like himself

In college, we put on an opera. I was in the orchestra pit. Before we began, I searched and searched the audience for a guy I had a crush on. He never showed up and I was really hurt. Now, I am figuring he missed the opera, that’s his loss. He didn’t want to take a few hours out to enjoy himself. That’s not as good a catch as I thought. Time to move on.

Catch as in catfish? I also like to watch too many movies

Mabye this is selfish but I´m glad I´m not alone remembering crushes from time to time.

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It’s a phrase I hear once in awhile and refers to “catching a man.” meaning you got him interested in you.

I remember a gal I had a crush on in school, we never did date but were friends for many years till I got ill and pushed her away. I call her now every 5 years or so just to say hi

Did she marry someone else?

If you are asking me she married twice since grade 7, I moved her out from her first husbands place, we hung out a lot and I had my chance but got ill and pushed her away, she is now married and probably will stay that way

The guy was probably excruciatingly boring. You’re much better off without him.

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