Nothing Is Worth More than What People Think It is Worth

One person may see a painting, and another person may see some dyes, a piece of paper, and someone putting them on.

One person may see a haphazard mess that belongs in the trash, and another person may see a $50 million expression.

I recall being taught about buying and selling used cars. This person would routinely say, “Everything is only worth what someone will give for it.” As a markets expert it’s very clear to me at this phase in my life.

Worth is a psychological phenomenon. For instance gold and bitcoins are worth nothing until someone trades up for it. The more people that trade up for it the more worth that the item or concept is worth. The reason for this additional value increase is because of the ease of liquidation which means if I get it, it is going to be easy to sell again because of the assumed inherent redemption value in the item or concept. If the world buys this, then there’s less risk of depreciation for owning it.

In away that is stereotyping. The gold, the bitcoin, the painting are stereotyped…in a way. That’s not the exact word, but if you know one, then you can understand the other.

At the bottom of value or worth in the civilization phenomenon which we are all a part of are two things; safety and fulfillment. The more that something even a thought carries with it one or both of these, the more it is worth. It is worth more because it has more practical worth.

So in order to increase the worth of something make it more safe for you or make it more fulfilling or both. This goes for yourself too when you are adventuring in the markets of societies.

Don’t be afraid of what a person or a group thinks of you. Anyone can think. Take for example the person that recently paid $50 mil for a piece of paper with ketchup lines on it as though it was art.

The hard part is when you think about you whatever they think about you. What’s even harder is when voices mimic what others think about you, and it was negative.

But if you persevere beyond what people say including voices, and you continue to raise your practical worth as far as safety and fulfillment towards others and yourself go, then one day people are going to look at you and think they should be like you.

It’s a amazing how one day people can be down and out, and n one thinks more of that person than a refused discard, and then the next day all of a sudden what they’ve been working on comes to light, and now everyone believes what everyone believes about that person. The fact that person goes from the bottoms to the top gives people a cultural symbol as well which adds more practical value to what it is you do as it is seen by most other people.

So whatever you think about this realm of life that we are in with all of its geometric and time rules and subject/predicate psychological logic, someone else may think it is all worth much more. Even two scz’s side by side may see a priceless reality compared to a worthless one.

It’s worth whatever someone will give for it. Some give all.


You can sell shitt on a shingle if you put it in a fancy box and convince people that they can’t live without it. People will spend $300K on a Rolls Royce or $75K on a Rolex because those items scream I MADE IT.

1 out of every 20 Americans is a millionaire, and America accounts for 43% of all the millionaires in the world.

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It has to do with two cultural dynamics or what you would call “belief systems.” It’s the national laws over state and city laws, and it’s the history of the makers of those laws and their first followers.

When some countries were bagging caste systems, harems, and total rip off jobs from the castles/palaces, the establishment of a schooling/corporate system was taking place in the USA. It boomed, and now the rest of the world is fast growing behind.

I research these economic things and history of civilization as a private passion and part of my occupation. It’s all almost I’ve done for the past 5 years. lol :sweat_smile: “Research, write, research, write, research…”

The spot I’m really interested in right now is the 50 million people around the Pearl River Delta. It’s going to be 100 million in about few decades, and the largest urban area on earth ever. The businesses going on there now make the terror regime in a nearby metro look pale in comparison. Hopes over there.



I just did some basic research on the PRD and I was blown away by the growth rate of the GDP.

And, like you said, it’s the result of free enterprise.

I think you mean the PRC, right?

If they are who you mean, it’s kind of a funny situation. Because of the way that that the narrative over the land is structured between Central Banks, Lower Banks with Fractional Reserve Lending, Corporations, and Laws. It’s all one “franchise of temples” if you can understand that in a historical context of “temple franchise” throughout the ages. What I mean is that the government is those, and those are the government. Same the police and military fall into the corporate and banking sectors on the tray if you can see what I’m saying.

In the USA all of these components I mentioned are split, and they are supposed to be split as much as possible, but they do wind up overlapping in lackadaisical ways where crooks can get away with it. The fractured system or narrative over the land is more efficient because when you centralize everything over one system what you get are interests in groups that are completely unrelated to other groups making their decisions for themselves rather than in rational and practical way that is required by the group they are making decisions for. Right, because there’s bias in every group no matter what or where, and that slows down the narrative.

Fortunately though PRC is a massive land and a massive population, so these far more than make up for the inefficiency of centralized systems.

Also the centralized system under that government would not pull it off if the USA were to vanish today. This decentralized system is basically the keystone for the system in PRC and so forth.

In other words if I have you and like 10 other people on this website leading and handling the problems for 10 different sectors of the system for this website (as it it was as big as nations), but when it comes down to it, you are the only one that has the final say so. So when groups out here need to do what they need to do between the groups that are applicable to their roles in this “website operation,” you get to thinking, and you say no no no, and you always are shifting benefits and problems in directions so that most of the productivity rewards your group. Thus your group establishes itself at the top, and the longer it goes on, the more your group becomes that much more incapable of doing whatever it was you were supposed to be doing here. Which means you have to resort to violent force in order to maintain your hold rather than step down for being inadequate because your group of elitists screws up everyone else groups.

This kind of thing has gone on for thousands of years, and it is an eternal problem found always as part of civilization which always has to be monitored and kept at bay. If the system is decentralized, then your group can only do what you can possibly do such as trading with other groups who need to trade with you not because you say so, and other groups can trade with other groups without restrictions from when you were saying that they could only trade with your group.

In the USA this bad centralized system is here, and it is bigger than most people ever find out. You actually have to take up research to find out.

In the PRC it is the standard, and it is officially the script that is enforced by military and police whereas here if you go to far past the line, the military and police will come get you.

The PRC has it’s assets and deficits, but I believe eventually all hell will break lose in the world not just there, or the nature of the people under the regime will simply grow up, and infiltrate their authoritarian houses rewriting the scripts because:

The actual narrative of the land is Buddhist and Confucianist which is a decentralized system narrative. Basically it means that people are supposed to be free first and foremost, and from that point they can develop their lives independently. Well that is the principle foundation of capitalism, and capitalism is the principle foundation of repubicism. Buddhism and Confucianism republicst narratives which is similar to what founded Europe and North America’s system narrative.

If Europe could overcome Monarchical Tyranny because their North American relatives helped to empower them mentally, financially, and productively, then I believe the same is going to happen for the PRC. And the Pearl River Delta is looking like the prime zone of the world for this global transformation to take the next step higher from.

The idea here is that you have to fix your own problems, or the people will find someone who can, so people believing in this wind up always growing up learning that they have to fix their own problems and no to make more problems, so then they’ll be favored by the community. Of course the more problems you fix, and the more people whose problems are fixed by you, the more rewarded by the people you are. This stand far away and opposed the belief that your problems are not your own because you can make them someone else’s so to speak. in other words you can just take off of someone else’s plate or land or out of their body for example in order to fix your problems. One side believes that it is better to share than to receive because no one will trade you anything unless you know how to make or do something worth sharing with people, and the other side says you don’t have to share to receive. Knowing who the Buddhists and Confucists are you know which side they are on, and that is the main denominator in the PRC and surrounding populations which is a great resource for getting ahead economically as they do in the PRC and elsewhere in Asia.

The world is a tough cookie to handle, and it takes decades of study to understand it. It can’t all be wrapped up in neat and tidy little quips which means that most people will never know the dept and complexity of what the world is doing, has been doing, or can do.

But if you like people inventing and selling and buying things, then the PRC should be good.

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“And in my next chapter…” :muscle::nerd_face:

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PRD stands for Pearl River Delta. I assume PRC stands for People’s Republic of China.

The PRD is a very small part of China.

We’ll have to see how the N. Korea situation unfolds.


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