Nothing is working

My manager would not let me take time off, instead decreasted my hours.
So I am stuck in a rut.
The thinking won’t stop
Imagine being at work having to pay great attention to detail with your mind concentrating ruminating on the same thing thinking up different reasons why people don’t like me… it is frustrating.
Ofcourse i shoudln’t care what people think but i can’t snap myself out of this…


In the past when I’ve not been doing well and I’ve needed time off I’ve had the doctors take me off with a note. Can you speak to your doctor. I don’t know your laws there. I used to get temporary disability payments to cover the period of time I couldn’t work up to a year and after a year SSDI would kick in.


I always got sick leave from my doctor. Eventually I lost the job. I got covered by social welfare. I don’t have money but time to recover. These days i have the social status of a disability support pensioner. It’s not really exciting. I can’t imagine working 4 hours a week on on job. I occupy myself on the internet for hours. Well, it didn’t turned out to be my job. Personally i would try to work as long as I can, but fatigue is fatigue.


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