Nothing holds my interest

I have been so bored today. Its been a bad day like many others. I just haven’t been interested in anything. I have many new books to read, new games to play, shows to watch, I could draw, I could do so many things but nothing seems appealing to me. All I’ve been able to do most of the day is lay around staring at my phone. I feel depressed honestly.

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Are all your days so bad? If yes maybe its depression? If not it should pass, everyone gets some bad days.

How about a bank? :crazy_face:

Are you bipolar? If so, this could be your low, and your mood stabilizer is failing. Otherwise, it could be depression and you could either need an antidepressant or a higher dose of one

I have been in a slump lately because of how much I dislike my job. I do not feel like I will be myself again until I am working in a less stressful environment. I’m being stretched beyond my limits.

Do you want to leave nursing or just find a less stressful position in your field? Stress can take the joy out of life. You don’t need it.

Well that you know yourself and your limits. Change your job if its too much stress for you.

yea i’d look for a new job if the current one is not going well…
are you on a AD?

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