Nothing has emotional Weight

Is this normal? Everything feels far away. Like its not real anymore.

I’ve felt that too in a way. Like I’m living in the 3rd person and there’s nothing emotional I can feel because I’m looking at myself feel it not actually feel it. There’s a 5$ word for that but still. My advice would be to get active and do something out of the ordinary. From the words of @darksith Take Care!


It shouldn’t be normal. Hopefully it clears up. During changes between seasons I tend to undergo great conscious shifts myself. Winter & Fall are not hard to endure, but fully acclimating into them can be a pain.

I typically undergo diet shifts & mood swings. After about a week or two things will settle. This is unlike Spring & early Summer, which comes with immediate boosts all over the place. I’m curious as to how well I’ll survive in my first Winter living alone since… ever.

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