Nothing from nobody

Halloween is like everyday. Who’s looking forward to silly Halloween? i’m going to have a Halloween party. cheese curls, haloween and retro music, horror movies, love of what’s been rejected. I have and am nobody. who else with sz, is in that f’ng boat? i’m like a homeless, with nobody. I have a family living with me, but they’re letting me die slowly. they don’t care. I have sz., ocd bad, and depression. I barely take care of my body. mayb i’m better off if I wouldn’t be here. I am female and am fat and ugly. that means certain death, I guess. it’s a “man’s” world. say what you will.emphasized text
I loved the actor, Michael fassbender, and he noticed me when I posted to his twitter, to “keep up the glorious work.” it went sour when I posted something else, offensive, while drunk. he was my sun, and he’s gone now, too. strong text

I think that song goes its a mans world but wouldn’t be anything without a good woman…don’t be so hard on your self…