Note to all parents

Children are not a possession.
Children are your equal.
Children should not be abused.
Children are precious.
Children will one day govern you.
Listen to your children.


I really sickens me on how some parents completely disregard their kids feelings and continue to throw them in front of a ■■■■■■■ tv and expect it to raise them.
Guess what???
Bad idea!!
I’m sorry you are so hung up on whatever it is you have going on at the moment. That important eh??
Now, when your child grows and dissents you blame it on whatever you can.


Buy Snickers, keep up with the Kar…whatever. This is not how society is supposed to operate.
Selfie, selfie, selfie…are you serious?


Huh. When ever I would try to do something, I always got the “we are not equal” talk by my parents.

Me too. They always, and still do, make me feel inferior.

Agreed. Talking back is unacceptable in any form. I guess one grows used to it. Just don’t disobey any rules or get in anyone’s way when they are fuming about.

My mom had a very tough time accepting any of my emotions were real. We weren’t equal, either.


Sound like you weren’t allowed to have feelings, like me.
This a type of child abuse.
(btw, the witch hunt isn’t on my parents, this time.)

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My parents both experienced some form of abuse when they were children. My mother gets upset whenever someone else expresses emotions. Even if it is a happy emotion. She is used to everything being an attack on her. I love my parents though, just wish they’d let me talk,though.

@animalchin @Rhubot


Mine did too. But they CHOSE to carry on the abuse as adults and parents.
I am an adult and parent.
It stopped with me.

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Sorry @Sharp. Hopefully with time.

My mom, too. She didn’t get to express emotion, either. She went through some horrible ■■■■ and just had to keep marching.

Trust your feelings, @Sharp. It’s good to understand where your parents are coming from, but don’t use that understanding to buy in when they invalidate you.

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Uh, no.

Note to all people who have no experience parenting:

You opinions are just so adorable.


Depends on the kid and age @velociraptor

I don’t think mine intentionally did it. My mother doesn’t mean to hurt me, she just is used to what she knows. Same with his father. I don’t feel that it is intentional anymore.
I know that if my mom knew how here actions affected my sis and I, she would’ve never done them…on a personal note…suicide was a commonly spoken about thing in my house.
I recall first hearing my mother wishing her suicide when I was around six and my sis seven. It became a normalized thing. She didn’t think that when one thing went wrong in elementary school, I would automatically revert to what I had been taught and try something I hardly understood.

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So you don’t see your child as an equal?

You might want to generalize less, then.

My daughter is awesome, but she’s about 32 years behind me in life experience. She’s not going to be my equal there until senility kicks in for me. There are areas where I’m not her equal.


I guess I just see things differently.

Hell no. I see her as an awesome young person that I’m doing my best to guide into a capable adult. I’m her parent, not her friend. I hope someday to have her surpass me in the areas where it counts.


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That means treating her as you want to be treated no?