Not worried about higher than average prolactin levels

I drink a lot of milk, I’ve heard Fidel used to do the same, though unlike him, I’m not interested in ice cream, at least not in the summer; some years ago I got a private consultation with the brain bio centre and they advised me to stay away from milk, coffee, kiwis and cashew amongst other things, it made a difference, but later I decided it was mostly placebo; they did a gut sensitivity test to produce the results, I’m not sure how realistic it is, and have gone back to large quantities of the first two having never touched the latter; I assume prolactin is in someway related to lactose, they warned me it would cause impotence and breast growth, neither of which I am seeing, but maybe I’m blind, it’s largely caused by the sodium valproate, still don’t want to substitute solian for clozapine, think that would be a mistake.

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