Not too many people have heard of Schizoaffective Disorder

I rarely tell others about my diagnosis, but whenever I bring up Schizoaffective Disorder to certain people like family members, they have no idea what I am talking about.

There are Health professionals that have never heard or understand the illness.

Most people know what schizophrenia is or bipolar basically is- Schizoaffective leaves many of them scratching their heads.

I have to explain to them that its where schizophrenia meets bipolar in my case.

In some ways its frustrating having a mental disorder that most people, other than pdocs never heard of.

Same here. I also think it’s over diagnosed.

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Thank you for responding @astefano.

Sometimes Schizoaffective disorder is considered a Waste Basket Diagnosis.

Psychiatrists sometimes gives the patient this diagnosis when they are not certain if the patient has either schizophrenia or bipolar, or they are uncertain with a sure fire diagnosis.

In some ways my pdoc is confused as to whether I have Schizoaffective disorder or bipolar type 1 - She is covering her bases by diagnosing me with Schizoaffective disorder, this is my official diagnosis for now.

I do agree with you and it could be over diagnosed.

Some experts want to do away with this diagnosis, but it does exist in the new DSM 5.

Well I personally think that diagnosis is important, as it can be used as an outline for therapy, but docs treat symptoms. I mean my therapist gave me his cell in case I have an acute exacerbated and agitated little trip because he knows my case is chronic with acute exacerbation. I have had to call him a few times.

Some people hate diagnosis but I am more of a scientist at this point in my life, not close to a practitioner yet. Practitioners often dislike diagnosis, scientists love it, and scientist-practitioners use diagnosis only when it facilitates treatment (practice).

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I would say “I have a less severe version of schizophrenia”

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or mild schizophrenia?

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Idk cuz it’s not “mild”…still severe. Just less so.

I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder twice now, I know most people never heard of it. That’s ok with me, but I don’t think its an overall mild form of schizophrenia. I have seen people with severe schizoaffective disorder that was more severe than some forms of schizophrenia. I think it varies by case basis.

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A few months ago my pdoc said I probably have schizoaffective, although my initial diagnosis is paranoid sz. I don’t know yet.

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Yeah its a close call sometimes