NOT to make you wrong, but... Are you drinking again?

“If you want to talk about mind control, it is the ability to break the mind through coercion and physical torture in which to reprogram it based on a design of manipulation and programming that causes automatic response or reward within a set means of compliance. It has nothing to do with true religion that actually sets the mind free from such barriers. Mind control is an extreme measure of fulfilling a working against the brain’s natural alignment with freedom to obtain a kind of response that only the manipulator can deem effective in its wake of true cruelty and adherence to a handler that controls the internal mind acting as a puppet for further documenting what is capable of and with such means. Don’t talk to me about mind control with religion because if anything, religion is the escape from such punishment that sets one on a more furtive and just making of human/Godly relation within a most difficult and sinful world.”

haven’t had a drop in probably two weeks now…I have one beer cold in the refrigerator but can’t bring myself to drink it. I keep it around to remind me of the fun I recently had and it’s nice to be able to offer someone a beer when they visit.

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