Not the Best Idea

Did you ever do something that was not the best idea? I’ve done plenty, so I’ll tell you two that come to mind:

  1. I went to a Waffle House and ordered pancakes (which the waitress told me were not on the menu).

  2. When I was young I converted my bicycle into a trike (one wheel on the front and two on the back in this case) in my parents’ backyard. I used a 5’ piece of rebar (steel rod) for an axle, and I used two of my brother’s car tires. After some tinkering I got it to work. I rode it around the backyard, so it was time to ride it on the street. I opened the gate on the fence, but I had a problem: the trike was too wide to get through the open gate. First I tried to lift it over the fence, but it was too heavy. Then I tried to angle it through the open gate, but it was still too heavy. I had to get my brother to help me angle it through the open gate. Yup, not the best idea.

Have you ever done something that was not the best idea?


Have you ever done something that was not the best idea?

Yes, but none of them were funny. :smile:


Not the best idea: Trying to date when I lived in Oklahoma. I was new in town, and working as a waitress. One girl came in and offered to show me around, and asked for my number. Then, she left a 100% tip after her meal. All the signs were there. So later that night, she picked me up and took me to a karaoke bar. We were having a grand old time, singing country songs loudly and off key. I thought it was going really well.

Then, she glanced at the bar TV, which was playing some news program about the president. And she made a comment about how Obama was horrible for trying to force everyone to be okay with gay people, and how they’re all awful and going to hell. And I just froze. And then, other people at the bar started joining in on her comments. I swear, I could have died that night if I had been more forward. I just stayed very quiet and waited until she was ready to leave. I never called her again after that.


lol, thats hilarious ninjastar…! its funny even if not funny to you maybe at the time. also the story with the trycicle by kindess is very funny. I am not sure if I did anything stupid that was funny…maybe the most stupid thing I did was trying to work as a project manager for mobile game company with no prior experience in video games, neither pc or mobile or anything. It was a catastrophy, not only did I have no experience playing video games, I also simply did not like playing games period. I tried to see anything fun in it and could not plus I really do not have any good fine motor skills and coordination to be able to play games that requiire that. I lasted a year on the job and was given responsiblity for a big project to develop a new game with a team of about 15 people…well, the project turned out bad we were behind in the time schedule and after I left, the project took very long to complete and the game company went into insolvency. Now many years later I took up playing my first video game called monster legends together with my six year old son, its so easy to play even I can do it. My son plays the game without being able to read yet.


I was encouraged to slide down this Dam in my bathing suit in my younger days, it shredded my suit and had to walk away in the buff LOL


When we were young my friends and I used to crawl through the storm sewers in our town. It was dangerous because snapping turtles often got into these sewers, and we could have easily met up with a snake.

I used to swallow just about any pill I came across, even when I had no idea what they were. I sometimes cringe to think what I would have done if I swallowed a bunch of Haldol. Pretty stupid behavior.


One time I really needed to shave before being a best man in my best friend’s wedding in college and I was at my aunt’s house in the city because that’s where the wedding was was in the city. long story short…I couldn’t find a razor in the house and I was the only one home so I used my aunt’s Nair on my face…almost immediately I washed off the Nair because it started burning horribly…haha…my face turned beet red for about an hour and just as it faded completely gone I was able to go to the wedding. sheesh.


I doubt they would’ve done anything to you. Just be open and disagree with them. Any republican who went to university is used to having someone disagree with them. You wouldn’t even have to come out as gay just try to play devil’s advocate to what they were trying to say. Unless they were talking about committing violent acts against homosexuals that is.

I guess it is like discussing politics at work. You don’t do it because you always worry that you can be fired for doing so.

None of these guys went to college. I was in the deep Deep South. My neighbor at the time had to move away because he was black and his kids kept getting beat up for it. I was very fearful for my life at the time.


Went to a party with a bottle of wine. It got nicked in seconds so I went looking for booze. Spotted an old quarter bottle of vodka on a shelf behind some books. Don’t know what it was spiked with but I was tripping.


Well I guess I have no choice but to take your word for it. Sometimes people are fearful in a different setting. I remember I was driving about a 8-10 hour trip one way to a college because my friend got accepted there for his phd. He was going there and I was moving his stuff for him. One of the places stopped at was full of rednecks. My friend was from bangledesh and seemed to be afraid of them. I told him not to worry but he stayed in the car.

Also I guess I just thought of it but it fits the theme. Later on after getting 2 hours of sleep I drove back and almost crashed my car because I was falling asleep on the road. At the time I thought the people who harassed me from my REU were there so I wanted to leave early. Also at the housing near the university I parked in the wrong area and got my car towed.

I dropped out of college because I missed a final exam. too scared to reschedule it thru professor. I doubt he would’ve. so I got mad and decided to dropped out.

I don’t have much funny ones, like everhopeful said.
maybe some in my past, but I’m trying to forget it…

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