Not the best days of my life

How do you guys manage to move through difficult times in your life


Head down, shoulders forward, and full speed ahead.


just tell yourself that all you have are just thoughts
these are nothing

for normal ppl thoughts they may think they great things

for us as MI ppl

thoughts are nothing … they are too much …so much of them are wrong
some of them disturb us …some of them make us angry …some of them have no use

we only should know that thoughts are nothing to us

very few of them … are lovely cute kind thoughts and these thoughts we really love them and consider them great thoughts

but my opinion thoughts are nothing …we should consider thoughts are nothing

so this difficult day without thoughts you have about this day …this day become nothing!!

this was a great day indeed …becoz you tried something new in fact
you go out and saw new ppl and tried something new

i dont think this bad difficult day at all

dear :))

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Honestly I just consider where I’d be if I didn’t go to work or class or to run essential errands. Most of the time it ends with me and my partner being homeless and I’m very afraid to be homeless. So I push on. I try to tell myself that the day will soon be over when it’s a tough one and savor the moment I get to lay in my bed. Sometimes I get into bed early just to be there a little bit longer.

Play guitar 25 minutes, mandolin 25 minutes, try to walk 25 minutes and do nothing else.

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When you’re going through hell, keep moving.

I like to walk and exercise on my exercise bike. I also read sometimes. Drink coffees. Listen to music. Text. Make phone calls and socialize in person on occasion.

I would recommend to try to do things as simply sitting in the sofa can make your depression worse.

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