Not taking a shower

I can’t take a shower everyday. I only take a shower every 2 weeks. and my father keeps getting mad with me with out taking a shower. I keep telling him, that I can’t handle it. He seems to not understand. Does anybody have advice about what I can tell my father why I can’t handle taking a shower.

I like to take a bath not a shower. Would that be any better? What about washing your hair in the sink?

Tell him that the getting frustrated isn’t helping anything, but also understand that he’s just trying to help you. He’s not the enemy. Compromise. He can work on his anger while you work on your hygiene. I’m still pretty bad about it too tbh.

Do you hallucinate more in the shower? That was always my problem with it.

Try baby wipes. Then you won’t stink and he won’t get so mad. Also change your clothes every other day, including underwear, and do your own laundry. That might make your dad happy. And you still don’t have to take a shower but every two weeks if you really don’t want to. But please do use the baby wipes or you’ll smell gross down there and under your pits and in the creases. It’s just common courtesy for your dad who has to smell you.

I despise showering and being naked. I once went an entire month without showering. I wash myself after going #2 by hovering over the tub with one leg still in my pants. If my pits stink, I take my shirt off to wash those really quick and reapply deodorant and I wash my hair in the sink every other day or so. I try to tell myself I’m going to shower every third day at least but it’s usually more like a week… oh and my feet reek lol

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