Not sure where else to ask - early psychosis symptoms?

As a child & teenager, I thought my dolls and stuffed animals were watching me and looking back I had OCD too. I had to turn each doll and stuffed animal away from my bed. But just one time wasn’t enough. I’d check over and over to ensure they were not facing my bed. Some nights I would spend hours checking the position of each of my toys position. As soon as I was old enough I donated them to charity. However that then haunted me. I thought they’d eventually come looking for me. Luckily my Dad saw these signs and he took action on my behalf. Sadly no doctor would diagnose me with sz until my 20’s. Back then, I do not think they believed that a child could have sz. You should watch the documentary about Jani’s Story. They think she had sz as an infant.

Thanks for the information everyone, much appreciated.
@Alone That’s an interesting experience. I remember up until the age of 12 or so I had to beg my parents to reverse the portraits whilst I was in the living room as I felt they were staring at me. So you only had delusions after the items you were obsessing about were not in your life?
@SzAdmin Thanks for the details, I’ll definitely look into that.
&turtle (Ran out of formal mentions) Yeah, I’ll need to rule out anything physical for sure. The Snowdonia mountain range looks right over the road I get to university with. It’s a weird contrast seeing something so man-made and technical as a a major road with the mountains looking over it.

I’ve noticed it has become increasingly difficult to tell myself whatever happened that night actually happened, so I’ve decided to write a note for future me to read. Is this a common problem with documenting any of your mental health issues?

Thanks for renaming the thread btw, much clearer meaning now.

Street slang. Ugh.