Not sure what to think

Sometimes I wonder how good I really am doing. During the day, I think things are ok then all of a sudden I’ll think about how good I’m doing, and my voices will jump in telling me how they’ll never go away. It gives me a lot of anxiety, and it’s frustrating. I just want to be at peace, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. I’m almost there, then all of a sudden I’ll backslide. I don’t know what to think. Any suggestions?

Yes I have the same
I get well and I think I’ve cracked it but it always jumps on me again mind you things have improved so I tell myself I’ll get there

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does it usually happen at night?

I’ve never heard voices but I know that my life looks better when I’m in a good mood. When I’m depressed or disturbed my life looks pretty bad. Either way I feel my life is the same. Nothing has changed except the way I look at it.

Just when I am riding high, the old illness hits. It seems to like to sabotage my thinking.

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