Not sure what to do / feel trapped

I haven’t been going to school because it’s been extremely stressful. I tried so hard to do well this semester and I have a 2.5 GPA… Pretty crappy. So I’m wondering if I should drop out of school because I’m clearly not good at it OR go off my meds because last time I went off my meds it was like I was on Ritalin and I got all my work done and got good grades. What do you guys think I should do.

OPTION I: Drop out of school.

OPTION II: Stop medication and still go to school.

Huh? Which one sounds like the better option.

Option number three… stay on your meds and go to school, study harder if you really need to have good grades. Okay grades aren’t terrible you know?


If you are being harassed, which happens to some schizos, go to disability services with paperwork from pdoc & sign up for assistance. Some of these crazy professors bad mouth people & need to have management’s help to shut his mouth, just let you do the work & pass.

I’m okay without the meds but is much better if I talk serqouel with ambien for insomnia. Insomnia puts lots of weight on female. My city is hate monger and most hear voices some of the time, so I expect some crap off the other crazies as the churches set some of their people on disabled after mental care to preach stalk people for ‘stealing’. I’m a PTSD, 12 years psychosis non-stop medicated and bad insomnia. The meds do help me…Seen these kind of churches who are encouraging theirs do to unethical stuff & worse pressure applied if you refuse, is better none of their people even know you as it gets stupid or worse. More female friends have been screwed at multiple jobs here and unemployment is not granted easily…So not even possible to remain working here sometimes and many who were alone a while did end up on ‘the check’, especially with too many employers taking low paid female worker and sex harass the thing until firing and maybe land her as relationship. Many jobs are 4-6 months and gotcha here…Most ran through their retirement due to harassments/firings and there just is nothing else…Eventually they realized there is just no hanging on here with the wages dropping and dropping and this kind of work situation. Left with nothing but 1 suitcase on greyhound…Things are so bad leaving, may be mugged at greyhound station leaving so many stand outside waiting on their bus. (Someone sits down on bench or picnic table with you, slides knife next to ribs and demands your money.)

Sorry, but long winded way to say I don’t tell you to go off drugs…But is up to you if you want to tweek dosage.

Is there any resources at school for help first before considering going off meds? Your academic advisor or Student services might be a good place to start. Like counseling. Or peer tutoring. Group studying. My school has a learning resource center with drop in hours where you learn study tips and get help in other ways.

I know personally the urge to stop meds because cognition comes back when off them is great. But from my experience I suffered a major relapse about 5-6 months later and then ended up missing school because I was in the hospital. But in-between I was on top of the world, I did awesome in school and could read again. Like you said it was like I was on Ritalin or something I was hyperfocused, pinpoint accuracy-like. I wouldn’t do it again given the choice, I would suffer through a med change like I did this past semester for my depression.

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I am not being harrassed, but my therapist asked my teachers to let me turn in assignments late if I am absent, which is absolutely not an excuse to get extra time on assignments by the way, and my teachers did not follow that request except for the only one who likes me. All my teachers hate me I think. Not blaming them for my failure, but I don’t like to go to school because my teachers don’t like me; I can see it in their eyes because I skip school all the time. I know that’s circular logic, but they just don’t like me.

I see that in my program too. The students who show up to class get extra help if they need it and the teachers are nicer to them. They are less willing to work with someone who doesn’t show up and do the work.

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I vote for option 3 as well.

Below a 3.5 is terrible to me because of what I used to get before I was diagnosed. I grew up in a family of teachers, where value as a person was tied to my academic success. Honestly, getting below a 3.5 makes me want to kill myself.

I dropped out of school because I couldn’t handle being there, sitting in a closed room, being around people who looked at me and judged me, having constant noise in my head and hurting myself… Unmedicated chaos took a huge toll on my young life. Please know that finishing your schooling is the goal, not finishing on top. Stay on the meds that keep the chaos at bay. You may be less energized, but slow and steady wins the race. Keep yourself well, push on through, get passing grades and win that race :blush: I wish you great success (finishing school and staying well)