Not sure what to do about my son


I was happy about obamacare and how it said if you have a child on your health insurance they can on it til they are 27. My son will be 18 in NOvember and is going into his senior year of high school and after that won’t have children’s health insurance from our state anymore. I was in grad school at the time the health care passed and I thought by the time he turned 18 I’d have found something i could do with benefits but I haven’t. He is mentally well but he has astma and sees and allergist and I don’t know what he’ll do, and my plans havne’t panned out thus far and dreams die hard as well. I am taking classes and four classes away from a paralegal certificate which I started cause graduate school graduation did me no good, but I need to be worrying about getting him into college and me working instead really. So I took this job several weeks ago but it is part time, no benefits and I hardly make anything and thought if I was employed it would help me interviewing but it hasn’t. So, maybe a big wonderful career is not in the works but what can I do just with benefits so he has a chance at one?


I’m sorry for all of your trouble. I can barely take care of myself and I think it is laudable you not only take care of yourself but your son as well. What I know about Obamacare is I think that it does depend on what state you live in. All of the states had to adopt certain rules but some states went with their own plan as long as it fit the criteria. I think the rule about coverage for your child till 27 has to be true of all insurance policies.

Do you have any sort of case worker? Or might there be someone your psychologist or therapist could refer you to? The level of an organized support net for people with schizophrenia varies from state to state. But usually there is some kind of resource for someone in your situation that may be able to help. In my opinion that would be the best place to get the most accurate information.