Not sure what to do about my neighbor

I value his friendship but he’s not sober. he respects that I’m sober but I’m worried if I’m around him I’ll be tempted to relapse this early in my sobriety. He still talks to me about smoking weed and stuff. Do I end the relationship or what?

You don’t have to end the friendship… i"d just tell him you’ll get in contact with him after you’ve adjusted to not drinking. probably take a couple weeks at most. You’ll have to continue to say no, but at that point you should be able to reenter those kinds of environments or situations…

Can you ask him to cut that part of the conversation out? You say he respects that you’re sober. If he really does, he’ll try to repect your wishes. If not, then you may need to limit time spent with him for a while.

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Yeah probably a good idea. I don’t think he understands though. He hangs out with all his friends who does percocets and thinks its not a trigger for him. I worry he’ll relapse on opiates eventually because he’s around it so much. He doesn’t understand how to take sobriety real seriously.

There’s an old saying in AA you might have heard.
“If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you’re going to get a haircut”.
You hang around someone who does drugs long enough if will be EXTREMELY hard to not yield to temptation. One of the first things they told me when I joined AA, CA, and NA is to not hang around places where there’s drinking and drugging going on and not to hang around people who drank or did drugs.

They also said don’t go to places like bars when you’re sober just to prove that you can be around it without imbibing. Every time you do something like that it chips away at your sobriety and weakens it. If this is a close friend I would put some distance between you and him. If you’re not close to him, I would drop him.


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