Not sure if I told you guys, my daughter is going to have a baby

I’m going to be a grandma! been waiting for this awhile.

She’ll be 27 next month, been married for 3 years.

It’s actually quite a miracle, that a CF’er could get pregnant.

If you’re a person who prays, please pray for Beth, that all goes well.

She only weighs 114 pounds. It just gives me reason to live, this news.


Congratulations! CFer?

cystic fibrosis, mucus throughout the body, effects pancreas and lungs,

has to take enzymes with everything she eats, and get psuedamonas

that requires neb treatments, vest, and heavy antibiotics. but actually, she’s mild. Many of these people don’t make it to see age 30.

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Center fielder…Chicago Cubs. :wink:

@Daze Ah that’s no good. Hope everything goes well.

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What??? you mean the center fielder on the Cubs has CF?

how did you find that out?

I’ll have to share that with my parents and Beth.

Nooo sorry daze. Cf-abbreviation for center fielder too :wink:

I was making a lame joke


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haha, okay, honey. geez, you really had me going.

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That’s so exciting! My neighbor growing up has CF and she’s had two kids successfully. It can happen. I’ll be sending good vibes your way that everything goes smoothly.

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thank you so much. She’s having a boy. A January baby.

hope she’s eating round the clock. ha.

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congrats @Daze :slight_smile:

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Wow! Two of my teachers are doing a lot of research in cystic fibrosis! I had to study that disease for my exams. That’s a hard disease, I feel sorry for your daughter. I hope she’s waiting for a lung transplant(I think it’s the only cure).

Best of luck for the pregnancy!

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Maybe he’ll be an Aquarius and you’ll share your air sign quality with your grandson!! (Has a nice ring to it huh daze).

Or he could be a Capricorn. And Capricorn’s are very ambitious so that’s good.


Thank you. the liver might come first, been taking Ursidiol since she was diagnosed, and one doctor I didn’t care for told me when Beth was 2, that she’ll need a liver transplant someday. Beth has never had a drop of alcohol, would seem unfair, but who’s to say what’s fair.


this couple is real hip, so I’m sure they’d let me share my creativity with him.


I hope all goes as well as it can with her pregnancy.

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thank you, @firemonkey I think she’s got United healthcare, hopefully not too much cost. She’s already had blood work for defects, not that it would matter with us, and it showed no abnormality.

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That’s great that there’s no abnormality. Will you be granny Daze or nanny Daze?

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just granny I guess, since they live 3 hours away.


That’s exciting news @Daze. I think you’d be a really fun grandma.