Not sure how I should handle this

So, I think I should start the application process for hospital jobs. The problem is, what do I put on applications as far as education and work experience? I should note I plan on applying for low-level jobs such as custodial and/or dietary.

When I applied at the foundry, I just put down education up through high school, and put down my pharmacy tech jobs and 7-eleven (from years ago) for work experience. I’m convinced that if I had put down my master’s degree and teaching job my application would have gone immediately into the trash, as they would have figured I was just doing the job until something better came along.

The problem is, I’m back to teaching now, and would need the hospital to work around my teaching schedule. My thought is to leave off my college education and teaching experience on the job application, then bring it up at the interview, should I get one. I figure I would explain to them that I left it off because I was afraid my application would be discarded if I put it on there, and that I wanted to be able explain my situation in person at an interview. But then they might be pissed about my lie of omission.

Okay, sorry this was so long, but thank you for reading.


If I were you, I’d include your Master’s and teaching job in order not to have looked idle for any amount of time. They’ll want you to account for all the time you’ve spent. Any gaps look bad. If it appears that you’ve not been busy, then maybe you wouldn’t be picked for an interview.

Also, employers like to see ambition in their candidates.


Oh, I’ve had side jobs the whole time I’ve been teaching, so there wouldn’t really be any gaps. I guess I failed to mention that in my original post.

Then it’s hard telling. The honest thing to do is include your teaching experience. If they find out later about the lie of omission (but is your teaching really a bad thing anyway?), they will want to know why you didn’t mention it – which I see you already anticipated. If it were me, I’d be honest.

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