Not sure about now on

I had my first back pain in April, and the pain changed from my back to my left leg. Now I have difficulty standing and walking. In April and May, all of my shifts turned into remote work which was OK, but since I went back to transporting in June, I have been absent from work more than half of the time, I think. Mentally, this has been a little hard as well.
Also, I’ve had an over spending problem, and I’ve used up a lot of my savings for about a year. I can’t say how much, but this was a lot of money.
I know I can’t live with my parents forever. I know I have to work more, set a goal for the future, and feel confident.
Right now, I feel kind of stuck where I am, especially with my leg. I’ve thought of changing my job to full remote work. But I’m not sure if I have the ability to change my job.
I feel this is a dark time with COVID and the economy. I want to stay positive.
I’m going back to work next Monday, and this time, I want to try to keep that way. It’s difficult going to work by train (I don’t have a car and most people transport by train here), but I have to keep on trying.
I’ll try to keep in touch with reality. It’s like I’ve been running away from it all my life. I get inferiority complex easily just watching people functioning properly. Or maybe they just seem that way.

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