Not schizophrenia but temporary

I read something on here a couple days ago about temporary schizophrenia. What is that called? I’d like to read more about it but I can’t remember. Thank you. Anything to help cop out this voices and mixing reality with voices as well would help to. Anybody taking seroquel how is that helping with your voices and symptoms? How long did it take to help?

I think Seroquel is slow to work.

Schizophreniform i believe its called

What would work there’s seroquel, haldol, …?

Haldol is spectacular. A floridly psychotic individual is seen in the ER and given a shot of Haldol and twenty minutes later is talking like a normal person.

Seroquel is not spectacular. You might wait weeks to get relief from psychosis with Seroquel On the other hand, the side effect profile with Seroquel is a lot less troublesome.

I take Seroquel to put me to sleep. It works well for me.

i think its called something like “brief psychotic disorder” that’s just a phrase im throwing out that was floating around in my head.



I’ve heard of acute psychosis. It can have symptoms similar to schizophrenia but it goes away. I was first diagnosed with that but after 6 months with symptoms, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia paranoia.

Thank you very much!

Really? I see. We first tired halderol but it only helped so much. But right now got prescribed the seroquel so I guess let see where it goes. During the halderol after about a month a couple days ago felt normal for 3 hours and it was the first time in a while and today I’m slowly getting off and took seroquel and half the halderol and I felt normal for less but still felt it. So idk?

Thank you I’ll read it right now:)

I see, it’s been 2 months so I’m not sure what it might be yet.

Schizophreniform is usually used early in the piece. The diagnostic criteria is based on symtpoms over time and that is pretty important. There’s a number of people who recover from 1st episode psychosis so it rules them out. If your multi episodic and your symtpomatic over time then your usually on meds for life. I think the standard time is like 6 months??

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Okay well I definitely hope it is that. Also do you or anybody else believe that smoking a lot of weee can put you into psychosis? And if so not smoking anymore could make it go away?

Cannabis can cause psychosis in individuals. Not smoking is a good idea. Cannabis can also bring on symtpoms that are underlying such as disorders like schizophrenia. For those people smoking weed isn’t a bright idea.

My boyfriend smokes a lot well I guess use too and is going through psychosis. And since he hasn’t there has been a lot more normal moments and espically when were being active he says he feels normal again. So I don’t know if it just caused him to go into temporary psychosis or if it brought out the schizophrenia.

it’s called acute episode of psychosis.

Well I hope things turn out well for you. If you don’t have another episode you might not have schizophrenia. My advice is to stay away from cannabis as it can cause psychosis especially for people with a predisposition for a mental illness like schizophrenia. If schizophrenia runs in the family, stay away from cannabis for life. Once you’re diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is for usually for life.

Do you have bipolar and are manic? You can get mania and psychosis and be bipolar. This can include hallucinations and delusions too. I had it. Can be drug induced too. It goes away on its own after a couple weeks in my case. But I’d see a Dr .

A psychiatrist friend of mine says he has the best luck using Risperdal on cases of drug induced psychosis.

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Yea medicine is an amazing thing. Later when I got sz I was given invega. Any idea why invega has not replaced risperdal?