Not saying it's amazing or anything, but

all my years of dancing and running,
and I was born with a club foot. yep yep.

never know, I still do some, gotta be in the mood though.

mostly I’m a chair dancer. ha.

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hmm, should have heard, Yeah, Sheri, you’ve worked on your feet all you life too! it is amazing. from my mother. after all she’s the one who put me in braces at age 2.
Sheri? Sheri. well, what, this is supposed to be positive.
umm, you won’t get that from your mother.

I was told the record longest field goal in the NFL was by a guy with a club foot

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wow! gotta know how to use it, as everything in life. ha.

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“If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

I probably couldn’t throw a football 20 yards to save my life.

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