Not really fit for any purpose

Artistic- no

Intellectual- no

Manual- no

Practical- no

Social - no

Sporting- no

Not really fit for any purpose. Are you the same or do you have an area or areas where you score well?

Firemonkey, you seem very compassionate and intelligent. I always look forward to reading your posts as you seem to have something good to say. You should try to be a little gentler with yourself.


I agree, you seem to be very intelligent and your posts are always intersting

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Complaining- yes

Sleeping- yes

Relaxing- yes

Eating- yes

Enjoying music- yes

See, im good for all kinds of things!

And perhaps it’s the world and the way it is thats the problem? In a good situation maybe these things wouldn’t matter very much?


Your purpose just hasn’t been made apparent to you yet. Maybe it hasn’t happened-yet. Have you ever head of that visualization thing about people are like those ripples in a pond when you toss in a pebble? The ripple extends itself for quite a ways, affecting the whole pond eventually.
People are like that. You too. You may not notice the effect you have on others, but you do. Every interaction with others causes a ripple in the lives of others, no matter how small a pebble you might perceive yourself to be.
The funny thing is, your just not aware of your your purpose yet, you need a different set of eyes for a different perspective. Become aware of how things fit in this world, everything connects somehow, so do you.

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i find that you can help a lot of people feel better about themselves online no act of kindness is ever wasted.


Firemonkey… you are far more intellectual then I could ever hope to be. I always learn a lot from your post. Just because your not out and about doesn’t mean your not an educator.

Jean-Paul Marat spent his last years living in his bathtub due to an ailment that no one understood, yet he still educated and circulated enlightenment.

Just because you don’t physically get out as much as others doesn’t meant your words don’t get out more… if that makes any sense.

I would think this way. The trick is to understand the things you don’t have you already have. It’s the thought process making you think you don’t have it, what if the thought process was the opposite of that?