Not quite right~ trigger warning

we’re all human
we all feel things emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually
that’s what makes us human

as individuals we all have our own biographies written inside our brains
I often go over and over memories and get upset by some, happy by others

age doesn’t define us
we are computer capsules, walking talking thinking people

history is our lives as we know it
the present is an opportunity to change and determine what comes next

we can feel numb, dumb, confused but we always feel something even loneliness is a feeling

I don’t have many people to talk to, I find it hard to cope day to day with thoughts and feelings and find it difficult managing to do things. I feel cut off a lot from regular people and I guess I am. I get lonely. I feel empty often and get so low. But I’ve tried many different jobs and that was hell. I was bullied and ridiculed. I can’t help being different its who I am and I stand out for the wrong reasons because if more people gave me a chance and heard my life and what I’ve done and been through then they wouldn’t be so judgemental
I feel even my family are judging and laughing sometimes.

I care a lot what people think of me even when sometimes I shouldn’t because there not worth it
being schizophrenic is a hard pill to accept, i don’t really accept it but other people would tell me i am
schizophrenic and i can admit that i’m not quite right, i know that theres something different with the way i am wired. i struggle with almost everything in my life


I’m very happy you are here to talk to us. We know your feelings. Don’t feel you are alone, though. Please find comfort in learning what you need to do to survive. Stay strong.


Thanks for sharing.

I’ve never liked the label schizophrenia. I have accepted this label now but I mentally substitute schizophrenia for shaman. I also like thinking that I’m a story teller and creative thinker.

I don’t know what’s available in your area, but there is a lot of support groups in the community available for people like us. I found it a good place to start and learn how to build relationships. It’s a bit easier when I’m not stressing out over what I need to say vs. what I want to say.

Feelings aren’t dumb, nor are they ever wrong. They just are part of being human, and even people without schizophrenia experience that.

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i have tried a community centre for mentally ill but i was so socially awkward and anxious i had a panic attack. I like the idea but actually doing it was tough
i feel lots of negative feelings a lot. i use distraction watch tv or play music or go out for a walk etc but i do have really low opinion of myself and its hard to know what to think. I feel lost a lot of the time and feel like i’m just existing without any joy or happiness and have to pinch myself to know i’m alive sort of thing
thanks for your reply

I’ve also had issues with social anxiety, I didn’t talk for two years once. I would just point and stuff if I needed something. I didn’t like living that way. It took a lot of push to go through different programs but I think they really helped me. Another thing that helped at least with the depression was Zoloft. I felt sudden relief wash over me when I started them. I don’t need them anymore, but a small dose is useful.

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i take diazapams as and when
i also have had depression i can’t chat loads about it because i feel i have to keep certain things private
but i do understand
nice one that you don’t need them anymore nice work!

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I’ve had a cold and chesty cough for just over a week and I’m feeling tired and drained
Zombified actually and fed up

Getting sick physically doesn’t help…I hope you feel better soon

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