Not processing sensory input properly?

I remarked to my husband today, “It feels like the autocorrect in my brain is malfunctioning!” after the umpteenth time he said one thing and I heard something completely different and absurd.

Here’s what’s going on- I am fairly sure it isn’t a delusion. Has this happened to anyone else?

*I have trouble making sense of words when someone speaks to me or I watch a video of someone speaking

*My balance is way off, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my ears. (I can stand still with my feet together and eyes closed just fine)

  • Unless I’m very focused, and sometimes when I am, I see things with a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland perspective. Things will look bigger or smaller than they are, or closer then far away. Just had my eyes checked and got new glasses last week. (and it happens both with glasses on and off.) Between this and the balance thing, I have been falling down a lot.

Basically, I feel like my body is taking in sensory input just fine, but my brain is not filtering and processing it the way it should.

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Yep that’s psychosis for ya. The senses are basically awol and do what they want. The having trouble understanding people happens to me when my symptoms are acting up. It’s like I temporarily forget English.

It’s so unsettling, isn’t it? It always leaves me feeling exhausted. Hopefully you can get to a quiet, calm place and your symptoms will subside soon.

These symptoms seem neurological, not psychological. I had similar problems when I had a brain tumor. I don’t want to alarm you, but you should get an MRI to rule out structural abnormalities in your brain. Do you currently see a neurologist?

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My fiance suffered somewhat similar symptoms especially the balance issues. She had cognitive difficulties tho not exactly the same as yours. All turned out to be chronic gallbladder disease fully blocked causing toxins and bile to build up and infiltrate the liver and kidneys and caused a number of different ailments that you would never assume to be related to a gallbladder issue. The balance issues remind me of what she experienced with dizziness and extreme lethargy along with cognitive difficulties. We were back and forth to the neurologist thinking it was a brain issue. Turns out years of problems with the gallbladder caused it all. She was 100% 4 hrs after surgery and was a whole new person. Do you have any pain in your abdomen? Just wanted to let you know about our experience and it may not always be what it seems.

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Thanks. this is all very new to me, and it will take awhile to get an accurate diagnosis. I’m on so many meds now it’s impossible to tell what is causing what.

Yeah, I’m going to run everything by my new pdoc on Tuesday, and I plan to ask specifically about neurological testing. My history and symptoms are extremely complex, unfortunately. I have developmental issues that started at birth, mood issues that started in childhood and some trauma-related problems as well, not to mention a history of alcohol abuse (though luckily not addiction.) I’m also currently on a buttload of meds, some of which can cause some of my newer symptoms.My schizoaffective diagnosis is really more of a working theory. I have a lot of negative symptoms, but positive symptoms are rare. As far as scans, I’ve had two(?) MRIs in the past, both negative for any structural problems. However the most recent one was at least five years ago, so things could have changed. I’m hoping this pdoc works out for me because I really need someone who will take ALL my symptoms into consideration and try to come up with one explanation, rather than giving me five different diagnoses, which is what I’m working with now- MDD GAD OCPD ASD and PTSD- plus six different psychoactive meds. It’s so frustrating because my memory loss (which started after I have ECT in February) is going to make it tough for me to give an accurate history and answer questions.

I’m kind of ok with listening, not really, but I like to think so. I wanna be a good listener.
I have issues with reading sentences, sometimes I have to read it over and over and over to understand what it said. and it can just be something simple, not comprehending shouldn’t even be an option
I’m bad at listening, and talking though. I can listen to you, but I have difficulties replying well. or, I can do the talking, but I can’t really pay attention to what you’re saying at the same time. it’s one or the other

Thanks, @firemonkey, that article fits me very well. I have spatial hearing loss - I can’t hear in 3D anymore - from recurrent ear infections. I didn’t realize that language processing could be related.

@EasyHeart, for the visual disturbances, see if this fits:

Have you ever had migraines?

Some of these just say it wrong…Is just the customer’s problems showing on the staff somewhere…It’s a spastic stutter kind of. Husband may just be told he has to lie about it. Don’t get angry and would not bring it up unless his behavior really starts to cause harm or he tries to get you locked up in mental hospital over a fight.

Don’t do anything important for a while unless you read it. (Can have override on your vision but not common if you are supporting a family/parents/self. Like I cannot even read labels in one local kind-of-luxury chain. I get home and it is something different over and over…I can walk in there and buy any kind of spices from big jars but get pre-packed gifts and this is just what happens to welfare people…Restaurants, read luxury product, really harass SSDI people here.)

Balance thing can be tactile hallucination. I would ask why I’m hearing it. Do it over and over…

If you are told something goofy, I just would not follow orders to do anything AT ALL except quit talking to a specific group of people, don’t discuss something specific publicly or avoid a location. I would not do thought broadcasting, which is following orders from voices to stalk a specific person about something private…These end up in worse trouble and crazy all the time being ‘sensitive’ to others in room who are psychotic, starts to just run like old Civil Rights issues of 1960s. Some churches run on this kind of behavior I call ‘preach stalking’ like hunting up community’s disabled to call them ‘thieves’ for being on ‘welfare’. Some psychotic have no way to shut it off and is just harassment of rape victims, ex-wives, unwilling mistresses and business people who met the wrong thing…I would not attend these kind of churches called ‘born again christian’ as some are threatened harm for leaving especially single women, solo parents and old people. I just avoid anyone talking crazy as they don’t know what they do to a worker with responsibility for anything besides burgers or a clean bathroom.

Thanks for your reply. Luckily, my husband is a very good man who takes great care of me and loves me very much. Nobody can hear my thoughts, and nobody is trying to harass or control me.

I’m also lucky in that I almost never experience long-term delusions- most of my symptoms are either negative or they come and go quickly. Really the most disabling thing I experience is the memory loss.

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