Not much online support for birthmothers

All the websites for birthmother support are super inactive.

We didn’t use an adoption agency so I can’t use services from them.

It kind of sucks.

We’re definitely a group that needs support,

There’s just not much out there.


I’m sorry. I have noticed this also with Starlet’s birth mom. She got so much therapy and support, right up until she signed her rights away, and then it all stopped abruptly. She has been really struggling ever since.


It’s true,

They drop you like your hot once you sign away your rights.

I’m thinking of posting on a semi active one and see what happens.

If it’s good,

I’ll send you the link for Starlets birthmother.


She does not know how a computer works, but I appreciate it.


I’m sorry your not finding the support you need I hope you do

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I’m sorry there’s no support. Can you start your own group? You could do it through or other website


I can try that.

I just feel like there can’t be that many birthmothers in my area.

Would really like a forum like this one, but they’re all dead.


Most forums seem to be. I tried finding one for childhood cancer survivors, one for foster parents, one for CSA survivors, etc. They are all barren wastelands.


I’ve found that every birthmother’s forum is really just an adoption center trying to lure pregnant women into adoption.

Predatory ■■■■■■■■.

That’s why I didn’t use an adoption agency.


That’s really sick and twisted.

I even read on one woman’s story that she made an appointment at an abortion clinic and it ended up being a Christian Crisis Pregnancy center.

She went through with the adoption because of them and has regrets.


Wow. That’s false advertising. She could have sued I think

The woman was totally brainwashed.

That’s how they do at those crisis pregnancy centers.

It’s a trap.

That’s why I want to open one that’s non-religious and explores all options.


Crisis pregnancy centers can be extremely deceptive. I did a research paper on them once after President Bush’s Faith Based Initiative suddenly made them all eligible to receive federal funding. They often advertise themselves to women seeking abortions just to get them in their offices. They purchase and use ultrasound machines despite many not being medical professionals. They have been known to lie to women about how far along they are so that they think they can no longer have an abortion.

It was pretty f-ed up that some of these places were receiving federal funds for that ■■■■.


Yeah, when I was pregnant the adoption agencies really tried to manipulate me and steer what I wanted.

They’re sick people,

Trying to confuse and manipulate a very vulnerable group.


I kinda let my son’s stepmom “adopt” him. Cos I can’t take care of him. I talk to him once a week. I didn’t start having problems til after he was born. I mean I’ve always had problems but after my son was born my brain just went berserk

Has anyone checked reddit?


Good idea,

I found them.

But it’s a private community and I had to message the moderators my story to get in.

We’ll see how active it is once I get in.


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