Not mentioning @FarCry, there's always people it's good to hear from

on these social media sites

I like being thought of

sometimes for no reason

I feel that about others too

it’s all good.


I wonder about you if I don’t see you for awhile on this forum


where art thou @far_cry0

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who are you again? :joy::joy: :+1:

I love you

if you weren’t totally supporting or kick in the ass I wouldn’t know what to do.

I feel you @Daze

It’s like. I would love someone on FB to initiate contact with me instead of me doing it all the time. People are weird.


yeah, this guy outta the blue Messaged me

I was so tickled, we’re not even on Friends list anymore.

You never know.

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Daze, I always wonder about you, too, when you’re gone for a while. The last time, you were gone for a very long time. The more I see people on here, the more I miss them when they’re gone. I’m glad you always come back.


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