Not lost any weight


week 2 at the gym and no weight loss


Diet will loose weight.


Maybe you are getting leaner. Muscle mass is heavier :muscle:


What you eat and eating less in combination with exercise requires a total lifestyle change.


I’ve been trying to eat less and iI have managed to lose a few pounds. I seem to regain them sometimes. I think it also has to do because i’m so big that losing a few pounds is still quick. I remember once I get to a certain weight, I have to exercise plenty as well as eat less to lose pounds.


Mum says I have. But you know mums. They’ll say anything to make you feel better :confused: the scale hasn’t shifted but I have noticed some changes like my stomach feels tighter… :confused:


@ish going by how your clothes fit is a good way to judge how the gym work Is going


Muscle weighs more than fat, so it might just be shifting.
Weight is just a number, judge by the cm (or inches) you lose around the waist


I never lost weight in just two weeks unless I was sick with the flu. I think you need to give it more time. If your stomach feels tighter, that’s a good sign that it not all for nothing


1º - weight loss is mainly about nutrition, exercise helps.
2º - Don’t think you’ve lost time at the gym, as long as you’ve exercised you still have improved either by developing your muscles or by burning calories.
3º - weight loss takes time, a lot of time, it’s not a matter of weeks, think months…