Not looking good for grandma

My grandma had a stroke back in I think my freshman year of college. She lived but was never really the same since. Her health has been deteriorating steadily since then and now she has been in the hospital the past few days due to severe constipation. (She hasn’t pooped in 2 weeks) They think it is because her colon has basically stopped working. She had a lot of surgery done on it before because of polyps and whatnot so a lot of it is missing to begin with. They have to do surgery to fix it and apparently her prognosis for surviving the surgery is not good.

This is going to be a very hard time for my family, especially for my mom. I am very sad for my grandma and grandpa (who has been acting as her caretaker for the past several years) and also worried for my mom. It is very hard to watch your loved ones grow old and their minds and health start to fail. My grandparents were a huge and important part of my childhood. I will miss my grandma. I would pray for her recovery but honestly I don’t know if that is the best thing at this point. Her quality of life is not that great anymore. Very sad.

That’s very sad Anna. You’re a strong person so I’m sure you’ll make it through this loss even though it will be very painful. It sounds like your family members will need you to stay strong and comfort them. Especially your grandfather will likely need emotional support.

Keep in mind your grandmother lived a long, productive life so I doubt she has many regrets. She’s likely in massive pain and if she passes away her pain will be gone. It’s tough, but it’s probably what’s best for her.

Members of the forum are always here to listen and chat if you need additional emotional support during this tough time. It’s good that you’re talking about your feelings instead of just suffering silently. In the past I’ve been guilty of suffering silently and have paid a high price for my ignorance. You’ll get through this and be stronger than ever before.

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She has lived a long life. She’s nearly 90 years old…we’ve been preparing for her loss since she had her stroke. We were lucky to get to spend this much more time with her.

Still I miss the grandma who we would play board games with who would cook us Mac and cheese and say the funniest things that would have us all crack up. Our grandma now is scared and can’t take care of herself. She’ll do things like pour vinegar into a wine glass and try to serve it. It’s not right.