Not letting your medicine get in the way of your goal

Sero quel has been trying to keep me fat. I wanna prove it. That it can’t keep me there no longer. I will beat its side efx. Through running and a weight plan.


yeah I developed quite the belly when I got back on meds…or started taking proper meds rather than massive amounts of benzos and adderal…

sucks because I used to be thin and if I gained some weight I could just go on a good adderal binge and drop ten pounds in a few days. Can’t do that anymore, now it takes these things called “effort” and “determination” of which I have very little…

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I have a med mixture that keeps me from eating all the time.

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I’m on respeidone, cogentin, and welbutrin. I just lost 20 lbs without exercising. And I’m 53 years old.

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effort and determination… I translate late those two words into one thing and it gets me going. ‘survival’.

@77nick77…what’s your secret? I am at the point where I need to do something about my weight.

I’ve seen risperidone commercials that a number you can call for monetary compensation if it affected your pectoral tissue like moobs. I feel like my chest is got muscular thickness but I’m always insecure about the body fat around it.

I am on Risperdal too, and it is very difficult for me to lose some weight - how on earth do you do it?

I’m glad to read posts where people decide to work around the side effects of their medications instead of talking about how terrible meds are and how they want to stop them.