Not interested in marriage or dating

When I was younger I dated a few women and longest relationship was 5yrs, she dumped me due to my sz, more precisely because I couldn’t hold jobs for long and pay half her rent to live with her. Now I am not interested anymore as the only reason I would date is to have children, I don’t want to have children who have sz. I don’t want them to suffer like I did. My sz stops with me, not passing misery to next generation.


I feel the same way.

But I’m 53 now, so it’s just as well :smile:


My longest relationship was 2 years and that was 14 years ago i still think of her often i wish i never got into a relationship i would like to be with someone but its impossible now

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Good for you @Aziz !! 15151515

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I also don’t want children because I don’t want them to have mental health issues like I do.


Good thinking, @TheCanuk!!

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