Not in a good place and tired of denying it

@anon47167357 I hope it does bud! Wish you the best in your road to recovery.

@everhopeful thanks man I appreciate your support!

@Zoe thanks I’m feeling better now! Hope youre doing alright.


Thanks a lot bro glad you were able to get assistance. I’m doing alright need to get more meds but otherwise doing okay

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Hmm. . .

Yea You Gotta Free Yrself From Those Iron Clad Mental Chains Of Supreme Prisons Inside.

Those Walls Controlling Walls Inside Of Walls Surrounding Even More Walls.

With The Sky Resembling A Wall Trapping Walls Inside Of The Earth Of Walls.

All Trapped Inside Of YOUR MIND!.

In Order To Find That Key. That Key To Be Free. Is In One Word. The Word: TALKING.

Talk To Your Friends, (No Friends?), Your FAMILY!.

It’s Easier Sometimes, And More Difficult Than Easy.

It’s True, Sometimes False, But Being Free, Is One Single Step, The Courage To SPEAK!.

Thank You For Reading My Current Comments On Your Current Situations.

Cause Troubles Always Come Back We All Know. . .

Either Way…,

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!.

And Always Remember, Those Chains Don’t Always Exist In…,



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Thank you buddy. Your words mean a lot. They speak truth. Got to break free from these chains I set on myself by being to shy to talk, so your right thanks again man.

That’s good my dude

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I think you’ve come a long way. When you first came on here you were very delusional. You’re a lot clearer these days, and I’m glad you’re doing better. 2 steps forward, 1 step back…so it goes sometimes. Hang in there man, you got this!

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Hey just wanna say I enjoy your posts, as well as your hair is cool af :wink:


Hmm. . .

The Hair Looks Like A Witches Hat In The Small Avatar Sphere.

(It’s A Compliment, So No Worries).


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Thanks bro!!

@anon40540444 yeah I can see it I feel better today thank you!

@ATARI LOL appreciate it bud! I don’t mind.

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