Not in a good place and tired of denying it

Don’t know what category this goes to but oh well… Anyway haven’t been feeling myself, it started with my eating habits then my smoking and it spiraled to my voices and hallucinations to my delusions. I havent been the same. Everytime i get a painful intrusive thought or memory i laugh hard and can’t stop. My mother is worried I have just been wasting away, I been denying I had a problem for months but its catching up to me and needed to vent this out somewhere. Whoever reads this thank you and hope you have a great night.


Good to vent friend

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Hmm. . .

Maybe Have A Sit Down With Your Mother And Let Your Feeling’s Out There, To Her.

Venting Is A Great Tool To Utilize In Order To Master The Complex Array Of Emotional Sphere’s Of Confusion And Suffering. But!, Not Everyone Has That Opportunity. So Don’t Let It Slip Away.

Thank You For Reading My Response.

And Good Luck!.

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Thanks @Yellowdiamond
For your reply

@ATARI its hard I wouldn’t want to worry her. Thank you for replying you always have wise words to say. I enjoy your post I know most these guys dont but I genuinely do. But thanks I have to tomorrow for my quack quack appointment lel.

Hmm?. . .

Your Response To My Response,

With The Inclusion Of Your Opinion On My Other Post’s Is Enlightening!.

Thank You For Your Intelligent Reply Of Favored Hope, Love, And Peace.

May The Lord Of Darkness Within The Egyptian Halo Ghost Of Eerie Transformation Be With You!.

Thank You For Reading My Second Reply.

Good Luck!.

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You know for some time now I have been on the dark and and those words

These really hit home. Thank you again. Wish you well on your journey @ATARI you deserve it!

Hmm?. . .

Honestly I Deserve To See Another Web Of A Banana Spider In A Forest Of Shadows.

But!, I Am Rambling.

Thank You For Your Kind Words.

In All Honesty, Of Honesty’s Honesty’s, I Deserve A Whisper From A Dream, In A Dream, For A Dream.

Thank You Again!.


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Hey man hope you’re feeling alright. Is the problem that you’re not eating enough? I think consuming more salt can help as it will help you retain water (it’s been hot lately) and keep your metabolism going.

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Thanks man, it’s a lot of things going on especially with my mental. Anyway I’m willing to try that, I like salt. Just symptoms getting in the way making it hard for me to function ya know?

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i hear you bro, hope you can work it out! Maybe starting by eating and sleeping healthy and quitting smoking can help fix the probem

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Thanks my man! You right. I need to change a lot of things.

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how you feeling now bro?

Good just had my psychiatrist appointment today it went well. They changed some medicine around but everything is alright. Thanks my man. I’m feeling a lot better just a little down thats all. Hope you’re having a great day today homie!


What type of intrusive thoughts were you having?


Violent ones usually about my family dying.


Iv been struggling with these too. Are yours you thinking your a danger to them or just about them dysing some other way?


Yeah there tough. Its usually about someone murdering my family or torturing them in a horrible manner. And my intrusive thoughts make me sit there watch it all happen.


Iv just increased effexor and it aeems to be working, i think its placebo effect though but i dont mind that :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:


Just saw this thread. I hope the med tweaks make a difference.


hope you get to feeling better dude :hugs: