Not hiding in the shadows anymore(Current photo of me)

I love coffee so this is the photo I chose. It’s not the best, but it involves something that makes me happy.

There’s a lot to be said about drinking coffee, I think it correlates with being social and talking a lot. Things I still value.

Lastly, if this puts my anonymity in jeopardy with the outer world I simply don’t care anymore. Speaking up is something I haven’t tried… (I’ve been diagnosed since '05).


Nice picture :hugs:. That’s brave if you! The most alarming thing is I can’t remember my diagnosis date. That’s a little scary. I know my junior year in hs I started to tumble down the rabbit hole. I’m nearly 40, and it’s been an interesting ride in life. Gm and enjoy your coffee :hugs:


We are the same age. I turn 40 in January. I had an “insidious” onset of symptoms(probably like you), which kind of sux bc I read that the prognosis isn’t as good when that is the case.

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you have a wonderful smile


Thank you! I think about it because I have a chipped tooth from stress(grinding). I could get it fixed with veneers, but it’s so expensive that even my dentist isn’t selling me on it. He thinks I may just re-chip them again.


Can’t you get a mouth guard molded to fit your teeth? When I was taking risperdal I grinded my teeth. Now I clench them at times


I might not know enough… I see my dentist soon and am going to put forth that I’m doing better and don’t think I’ll chip them again.

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Looking cool mate


You might look into it :thinking: it also helps if you get headaches from it as well.


Gm @anon97118089 oh, whoopsie, forgot :hugs:

Haha morning @anon98519533

What do u have planned for thee day

Ok cool. Yeah I’m surprised he didn’t mention this to me. But I’m glad he’s not selling me, I’ve seen him my whole life which helps.

Me and hubby going to vet. I accidentally started to hijack a thread and caught myself. Bad free :astonished:. @leafy is so kind that I couldn’t help myself.


I don’t believe in speculations. I’m doing better mentally, since I’ve learned to eliminate stressors and am in cpt therapy, since before I was born :crazy_face::upside_down_face: edit forgot my meds help, too…but side effects, eh, aren’t as pleasant as I’d like

I guess it’s a roll of the dice, but it’s in my smile so I think about it.

What do you mean by it’s in your smile?

The chipped tooth… I feel like my photo portrays it. It’s really ok, I’ve had it for a long time, and I also battle a pretty good “Blunted Affect” so there’s more than just that.

Hmm. A chipped tooth portraying your mental illness? Do you mean it feels like a tattoo to you that you have a mental illness? I see an aura of happiness not dysfunction imho

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LOL, thanks for the aura comment. I think we’re not on the same page… Leaf said I have a good smile, and it happens to be a hang up of mine so I liked hearing that.

Having so much on the tip of my tongue is what gives away my mental illness to people.

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Actually you fit right in we’re all working on hangups…mis use them like matches and gasoline. Anywho, gotta take my dog outside before the neighbors wake up. I don’t want him covered in mud

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