Not good need sleep

I’ve been chronically sleep deprived. Mostly because of this horrible cold thing I have where my throat is just completely dry and awful and also because of the vacation we were going on. I’ve not been doing well. I’ve been harassed almost constantly by demons the past several days, and am experiencing tactile hallucinations as well. I only just realized today this may be happening because of the sleep deprivation triggering my symptoms which scares me because it means I was spiraling downwards insight wise. I thought that they became aggressive around Christmas because of the significance of the time. Then started obsessing over why I’ve always been drawn to the occult and obsessing over how I think the devil runs so much of the world and other things. I’m fighting but I badly need sleep.

There is not much I can do about this cold except wait it out, I’ve tried different cold/allergy medicines and ibuprofen and nothing really seems to help. I’m going to do my best to get as much sleep as possible tonight. I’m very stressed, this is an awful time for this to be happening with me on a family vacation and so much else going on like entrance exams and a research study I have to keep up with.

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It is so hard to believe my mind is making all this up when they are so cruel and devious. It is so difficult for me to accept that my brain could be that evil.

They make nasty comments to me throughout the day on almost all my thoughts and actions then at night when I try to sleep or relax they attack me.

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Get a fan and put it on full pushing away from you…the noise should help you sleep!

It really does help. As to those demons … You know they are in your mind… insight isn’t so bad these days!

You don’t have a fan…jam a television inbetween channels and do the white noise. I know it’s hard cause you can hear other things but white noise helps one sleep!


There are also websites that produce white noise that you can customize a bit one I use sometimes is cat purrs it helps a bit also sometimes quiet music can be good.


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