Not getting the Wellbutrin/Buproprion hurt

I don’t have to be off my Buproprion very long before I spiral down into a deep depression. I sometimes wonder what it would be like living on the street in a deep depression. The best solution to that is not to go back out onto the street.

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My effexor hits me the most. Positives aren’t as bad as my depression. I too spiral fast and I know if I miss a dose. I get so I can’t sleep and my mind is racing again. It’s not pleasant.

It acts on similar receptors and I’ve tried a lot of different meds till I found effexor…I would have liked to try wellbutrin but it was introduced over here as a give up smoking aid and they didn’t classify it for depression with the drug board. Dumb politic.

I’m glad your in a good place now!


I like my Wellbutrin too. it’s an improvement.