Not focusing today

I am giving up my unlimited cinema card… i am getting bored of watching so many,…plus it effects me the next day when i cant wake


I haven’t seen many movies in theaters the last 9-10 years. Before that I saw a bunch though.

you dont need an unlimited card trust me a total waste of money


I would like that unlimited card

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How did you get one that’s unlimited? We had that here with Moviepass but now it’s 3 movies per month and most movies and theaters don’t qualify so it’s no good anymore.

Cineworld do an unlimited card as does Odeon,


That’s really cool that they do that. I miss when Moviepass was unlimited.

It is not cheap something like £200 a year


Moviepass is like $10/ month or sometimes there’s sales for as low as $6/month. But it’s no longer worth it now that you can only see a very limited selection of movies at select theaters on select days.

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I used to go to the movies a lot. Nowadays i don’t really go much at all. Just not interested in most of what’s being shown.

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i’d like to see the wreck it ralph film and the grindelwald film but apart from that, i have netflix but i dont use it despite recommendations from friends, i’ve been told the sinner is a good series to do with mental health or something but havent looked :frowning:

@anon80629714 have you heard of a cinema exhibitors card? it get a friend or carer in for free if you are getting benefits you will qualify. x

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I don’t get benefits :frowning:

oh yeah, forgot you work lol, you must be very high functioning lol

if you have a diagnosis i’d have thought you’d be entitled to a disability benefit though

Even if I worked I could but they don’t feel I’m eligible

have you got a diagnosis though? i’d have thought they’d take that into account :frowning:

Nope they assessed me and decided against

At the time it was sz now bp

did you appeal?

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