Not finding words

My boyfriend spoke badly about a aboriginal people yesterday.

He said he was in a anlriviny town to work and that They sniffed petrol and were violent and da geeky story be around and that white peoples had to carry guns in self defence and lick them selves in with bars on windows at night

I feel awful because I could not nor did I attempt to debate him.

I have never been in su h a tough neighbor hood.

I said it may ha d some psychology’s and history to ha e made them that way in behaviour and that all ra Ed can be that way.

My father always speaks hateful about Muslims and aborigines aswell and I never debate him.

I did have a Muslim boyfriend for a while.

Mayyi would say I do not agree but I am not educated to speak about it nor have I had experience of living in su h a place tbG is so rough.

I know it is aboriginal land and home and that white folks were bad to them and they mY not handle alcohol (like me)

I get lost for words and even my mum would not debate and she is educated and ethical al vegAn and so forth has been in charity organisations and is quiet a lefty while my father has sleawYs been conservative.

I did not speak up for these people e A

I have never been to this town

There are reasons for su h behi.

Anyway I have difficulties finding words and have symptoms of schizophrenia and did not speak about it.

That is clearly their opinion

Not mine but I am not denying it’s rough there.

I have never been there and might not do well I. Su h a pla ey

I am sorry I can not speak up for people.

I ha ve difficult time sometimes with words and etc

And can go mute.

I do not hate aboriginal

I have not met many but sa few one very nice and Avery beautiful o r.

My mum thinks I did the right tho g to not debate it because she understands I can not articulate.

She knows my father isld get angry and maybe my bf too.

That is with them and that is how they stand.

My mum and stepmom are against such

My step mum I had groiuo wants to work with aboriginal people.

Politicaly I do not know

I have swung both ways.

My mum said if you do not k is the. Vote greens but sometimes they do things that do not help environment but that cost lot n do damage while the other side of politics can do greT things for environment but not talk so much about it.

My brain feels damaged and I apologise to Myra’s well .

I never usually talk at dinners

I also have a hard time finding words, but I will always tell someone they’re being a horrible person and bigot. If they continue I will cut them out of my life. I don’t care how much I love them, I have no room in my life for people like that.

Every last culture has a group of people at the bottom of its own personal hierarchy.

No one group of people, no matter how they are grouped by label, has people at the bottom who are seen as disgusting by others.

Yet few realize, it is not their humanity that is disgusting, it is the poverty that strips them of their humanity which angers to the point of disgust in others.

My parents I think have seen me as a low life trash scum of society …

My mum said something about me being disgusting…

She had hate for me but love too

She still thinks highly of me.

Nowadays anyway😊

My father is outspoken and that is part of his charm.

He once told a fat person he did work with thT there is a gym down the road.

He is honest and has always been conservative in his political view cause he thinks they are long term orientated better for creating better future in long run.

My mum is more feminist vegan environmentalist.

I am sorry to hear that this is bothering you. It would definitely bother me. Since it’s something you feel so strongly about try to say something without debating. Like I did not like that comment you made and I would appreciate it if you did not make those comments around me. Leave it as simple as that.

Thank you!:blush:

I have learnt not to debate such things.

Even my mum would not debate him despite her stand and education.

Because he is so strong in his beliefs and stands and he can get really angry I think and he is incredibly educated.

He mocked me out loud in public for not knowing what a aorta is I said it’s heart he said it’s hand how can you not know that…

Also I stopped playing chess after he called me stupid and are you resignations dumb …


It is strangely enough part of his charm to be this way.

My mum was into all this charity work stuff…

She still has compliments for him that he is attractive and charming and a reLly good car driver .

Lol I don’t Agree He is such a scary drive et.


Others agree .

But my mum thinks he is a great driver he drove taxi to get through university.

He said one nice thi g about her which was “she was so cute back then” with a type of love and affection.

It is not just these topics but most topics ican not hold conversation.

Keep it simple with me …

Love :two_hearts: to you guyzzz


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Your dad sounds like a huge ■■■■■■■. That’s not charming.

We all have our moments and sides.,

I have had drama with both parents but I love them both .

He is actually possibly has some humble i

He worked for free to learn of s man he was told is the best at what he does.

This man became a best friend of his.
A man he admires.

He has so many friends and is really popular.

I do not have friends I meet .

He has some good sides.

Maybe he has empathy even because he is sensitive and we both cried watching g cartoons.

Latest one was about o with Rihanna playing the girl o meets.

He may of been bullied as a child as was I .

He has some great qualities as does my man.

There has been dramazzz between us but I do not w t to fight with them.

I want peace with each other and love and kindness.

He suprised me when he said he is proud of me.

It suprised me cause he does not like people who do not work and I do not work but he was proud of me for other reasons like moving inter state to be with my boyfriend.

Thankful for my loving peaceful home.

I do love them but do not agree with my parents.

Sometimes I agree with them :blush:

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