Not feeling too hot

You’re all part of the problem working against me.

It seems everybody hates Tyler

Relax. I’ve had words with people here because I’ve been paranoid and thought they were addressing things to me personally. It happens. It’s easy to chase shadows that aren’t really there.

Pays not to call people out even if they are being nasty. Whether real or imagined this is a support forum and politeness makes this world go around. Your posts have been a little paranoid lately. Sorry your struggling. When do you see your doctor next?

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I just got out of the hospital after 30 days and seen pdoc today. I’m still paranoid and fear for my life. I pissed some really powerful people off. They won’t forgive me.

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Relax. Sounds like your still hitting positives. I know it’s only been 30 days but your not doing so well. It’s not normal to think like that and you know it. It’s so seductive that paranoia but don’t let it rule your life.

You need to tell your doctor this. Did you do so today?

How do you know they won’t forgive you? If they had time to tell you this why didn’t they strike then… It does not make sense you see. Don’t be paranoid my friend life is too short.

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